Beranda in English the Sun Appear to Cross the Sky, Why?

the Sun Appear to Cross the Sky, Why?


Why does the sun appear to cross the sky? Maibe it’s just a pesudo-movement, which looks as if the sun is moving but it’s not. –The change of day and night occurs because the sun rises in the East and Sets in the West. We watch the sun appear across the sky. That way the sun is also an indication of time by looking at the sun’s position during the year.

The sun seems to be moving from the East to the West. The movement is only the movement of the sun is only a visible movement so that its movement is only an artificial movement of the sun. But we don’t know why the sun appears to be movung across the sky? Let’s find out why it happened. This time, Nature School will practice using simple materials.

Learning Objective

To determine why the Sun appears to cross the sky. Materials paper clip model planet from Experiment 14, “North Side” crayons 2 index cards ruler 2 grape-size balls of modeling clay protractor


1. Put the paper clip in the clay at a spot above the equator line. The paper clip represents an observer in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth.

2. Use the crayons to draw a symbol of the Sun on one of the index cards.

3. Use the pencil to label the card. Label the right side of the Sun “West” and the left side “East.”

4. Draw six or more stars on the other index card.

5. Stand the index cards 12 inches (30 cm) apart in the grape-size balls of clay so that the Sun and the stars face each other.

6. Stand the model Earth between the index cards so that the paper clip observer faces the star card. Use the protractor to tilt the model about 23° toward the Sun, taking care not to move the ball from its location in space.

7. Slowly rotate the model Earth counterclockwise until the paper clip observer faces the right edge (west side) of the Sun card.

8. Continue rotating the model Earth counterclockwise until the paper clip observer faces the left edge (east side) of the Sun card.


The result of the project to know the sun appear to aross the sky is success. As the model Earth rotates away from the stars, the paper clip observer on Earth faces the west side of the Sun first and the east side last.


In Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, the Sun appears to rise above the eastern horizon, move across the southern sky, and set below the western horizon. If you could view Earth from above the North Pole, you would see Earth, like the model, rotating counterclockwise. The paper clip observer on the clay sphere first sees the western side of the Sun diagram, then the eastern side comes into view as the sphere rotates. Since we are moving with Earth as it rotates, it appears that the Sun is moving across the sky from east to west, but it is actually Earth that is rotating from west to east.

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